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I was born in Elazig in 1968, My bachelor degree is in economics department which was finished at 1990.Also a different university in 2003, I finished another four-year bachelor’s degree in economics faculty and received diploma. Later in , I got the title “Free Accountants and Financial Advisor” with regarding to fullfill the requirement of the law 3568 .Now I am working in different kinds of institutions and organizations and my subjects are about Accountants Financial Advisors, Accounting, Financial Consulting, Auditing, Accounting System Establishment and management of professional services I am still free worker in my Ankara office, I have been continuing my job in areas free Accounting and Financial Consulting.


– Accounting system establishment and application consulting

– Accounting consulting

– Payroll services

– Reporting services

– Accounting personnel support service

– Accounting/tax filing review

-Consultancy on general applications of the Turkish Tax Legislation,

-Currency, Foreign Trade, Incentives and Foreign Direct Investments

-Corporate Tax Advisory Services

-Tax Planning

– Accounting entry of daily transactions and documents of cash, bank, and current accounts as well as purchase, sale and expense invoices which are related to business activity

– Review of the accounting records according to the related tax laws

– Reconciliation of petty cash, bank, account Receivable and account Payable accounts

– Performance of term closures, including monthly, quarterly, and annual; and the preparation of the company’s financial statements in accordance with the uniform chart of accounts (balance sheet, income table, cash flow table, etc.)

– Preparation of all monthly, quarterly, and annual tax declarations (corporate tax, income tax (withholding), VAT, stamp tax, and advance corporate tax), and their accruals

– Performance of the relevant opening operations for headquarters, offices and/or branches at tax offices, social security administration (SSA), and regional employment directorates

– Registration for an e-bildirge (e-declaration) and procurement of an e- bildirge (e-declaration)

– Preparation of the monthly SSA declarations and their accrual

– Customer notification of monthly, quarterly, and annual declarations in electronic format for tax payments that have been accrued

– Preparation of the necessary annual activity reports to be sent to the treasury or the related ministry, and their conveyance to the related organization after customer approva

-Establishment process ,Legal secretarial services,A joint stock company,A limited liability company,A Turkish branch of a foreign company,A liaison office

– Companies and branches in the free trade zones

– Preparation of all types of documents related to the companies’ ordinary/extraordinary general assembly and board of directors meetings, holding the meetings in accordance with the relevant regulations

– Preparation of all types of documents relating to the companies’ capital increase, capital decrease, share transfer, and the performance of these transactions

– Preparation of all types of corporate documentation and documents (articles of association, partnership agreements, share transfer and assignment agreements with employment contracts)

-And Other Legislation pursuant to Law No. 3568, The Works Accountants Covers Services are given.

Mr.Kanber Kılınç

Certified Public Accountand


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